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In May of 2021 a story rose in the media about 215 unmarked "graves" of children [as of August 2021, and other schools searching, the number is over 7,000] at the grounds of the Canadian Indigenous Residential School in Kamloops, Canada. There is not one of our Indigenous families who is not touched by the Canadian Government, Church Run, Residential Schools program, not one who has not heard the stories, hoping they were exaggerations by fractured souls - it is not just that beginning these 215 children that are ripped from our collective being — it is their children, and their children’s children, DISRUPTED BLOODLINES, who lay buried beneath a bright green field, laying unheralded, in unmarked cold still darkness, waiting eternally for their mothers to come and take them home.

Weeping. BOTH the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples & Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada reported on these deaths, this is not new news, just ignored largely.

Children not graves

These are an artistic response - images and also a card/envelope package for folks to download - print, cut, glue and mail.  Click here for more on the 60% TRIPTYCH.   --> 'We are becalmed, we cry out for winds of hope to fill our sails and take us home.  Yet an open searching mouth cries into still winds.  Mothers weep.'  A poem I wrote [book well out of print - page 8 below]

Mother Crying  Child Crying res sch 1

Res Sch 2


The Guardian Painting

(Sgrafitto technique - 410 x 510 mm on Baltic Birch Wood Panel)

 The Guardian

the Guardian Measurement



3 layers





(NOTE: the red image is one of a set of wood blocks, which was also used to create a Card )



‘A Dragonfly’ is an art narrative about Mothers and Sons - across the history of humans, the Mother/Son relationship has been one of the pillars that sustained ‘the people’, has been the basis for great art, grand noble feats and above all - strength, hope and love as shelter against assaults of all that ‘living a life’ brings us. [click for 'the dragonfly owners manual']


DragonFly 1  DragonFly 2


Latest Covid-19 Piece -  2020 

Makwa w Frame

Makwa Frnt_Back 

In Ojibwe language “Makwa”, - meaning BEAR is pronounced < muck waa >, written in SRO* as 'MAKWA', and in Ojibwe Syllabics symbolized as Makwa Ojib.  As a side note, this visual medicine narrative was created in Cree Territory, where 'Makwa' Cree Makwa  in Cree denotes a loon.  *SRO = Standard Roman Orthography.

“Makwa”, is a visual medicine narrative, using traditional Ojibwe images, and created in the early spring of 2020, at a time when all humans, regardless of race or locale, are literally under siege by Covid-19, a microorganism virus racing around the earth. And like all potentially lethal viruses, observable by the people only by its cruel effects of rapid death, high contagion, morbidity and ensuing economic and social carnage – but mostly FEAR. We Ojibwe are a people of a thousand stories arising from diverse worldviews and complex rich extensive Indigenous Teachings that are still taught and followed, and forming the foundation of many peoples lives today. The ratio of the original image is 1.27, the original being 11 x 17 inches.(28 x 43.18 Centimeters (cm)).  AVAILABLE ON TEE

Comes with Owners Manual ---> click here

w arrows

GRANDFATHER BEAR (sgraffito* on wood panel) 

bear wp 2 


enhanced picture of forehead of GrandFather Bear Painting

gf fhd 



kit 1 

Link to Colour Page of Kittens with Covid-19 Masks


We are born with innate fears, all there to promote survival. In the course of human evolution, fear the right thing, and you pass on your genes. Key fears of the dark, loud noises, falling and big hairy things • big loud hairy things coming at us out of the dark!
Covid-19 seems to cause people to project rational, irrational and innate fears onto this pandemic, like the monsters that hid under our beds when we were innocent children. The personification of those things that go bump in the night.


DANCING Partridge



This is one of the colour pages out of my forthcoming ART JOURNAL BOOK (will be available for download and hard copy): Text and Colour pages based on colour studies done for the 60% Triptych Project. 

This image of mothers, many who watched as their children were taken away by Government People.



girl looking wide


Aagask Hen

Aagask 8 (Sharp-tailed Grouse), this is a Hen. 

Why the boots? Juxtaposition of nature and human attempts to control the environment.  It is one of the three stories • man v nature • man v man • man v self.


Plus gum boots have a ridiculous quirky lovable humanness to them. It’s hard to express in words, but I hope they illicit a sense of childlike hope and joy, meshed with innocent sweetness and humour. I seek to have these aagask lift our collective soul, and individual souls. There is no defense against the medicine of laughter. 


The Grouse is a key player in the life of the bush, and has saved many a hunter and lost soul as grouse are easy to harvest (kill), and share their substance.  Flowers because we live in so much beauty and grace from Creator, which oftimes is difficult to always see as while 'the bad times' don't always last, neither do the 'good times', it is called 'living a life'.  So beauty in the visual, spiritual, physical and intelluctual. (To share on how some of the process, I have also included the pencil sketches of this piece)


3 vectored 



Bruce Dog



off horse


Bison with Calf

Bison w calf

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptesáŋwiŋ)


sitting bison 1  Sitting Bison w Notes


b R U C E    b A R R Y  - Artist      Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together.” ― Eugène Ionesco

full w border



the law


I see the law, in a way, part elephant mixed with an element of eagle.  

The metaphorical eagle looks out about over the people, a symbol asserting that ‘the law’ protects what is "right and just", and also protects the weak and powerless, concerns itself with searching for  "the truth", it guides 'the way' with the light to the world.

When it turns, the law is an elephant, long in memory but not aware of how much weight it stomps around with, and thus has the capacity for ‘not good’, yet like an elephant bound by a political chain, that isn’t really capable of holding it, the elephant stays restrained.


The Healer


 loon painting   
    Best June 06

NOTE: if you go to 'free stuff', you can print a card out with each of these paintings with envelope - FREE.


Red Lady


worlf cardwface card
MuskOx slide  




DIPTYCHS for couple - concept is interwoven lives and shared growth.

(Gouache, acrylic, wasp nest on hand made paper)

Mark 1        Mark 2


Red Necklace

Red Necklace

Red Deer BEST


New 'Art Echo' added to Silhouette Project

foster kids

This art echo came from discussions with adults who had 'aged out of care' and mentioned in passing, like it was normal, about having to wear a swim suit when having a bath in some of their foster homes on the theory it would discourage molestation . . . .



This is a commission I did for the University of Calgary for their 2018 holiday card.  A deconstruction of it is on the Gizhe-Manidoo page here.



This is my response to the SIXTIES SCOOP (Nov2018)

"The Sixties Scoop refers to a practice that occurred in Canada of taking, or "scooping up", Indigenous children from their families and communities for placement in foster homes or adoption. Despite the reference to one decade, the Sixties Scoop began in the late 1950s and persisted into the 1980s."

This is a 'colour sketch', which are used to show the concept for a larger painting/sculpture, as opposed to going to the expense of stretching a canvas of the final size (approx $300.00), spending the month or so of doing the painting and then marketing it . . . this sketch is 7 x 9 inches.

half breed

(NOTEI have been commissioned to take this colour sketch to a canvas 4 feet across. [Dec2018]): I am also going to add (at the suggestion of a friend), a 'discount bin' for 'special needs Indigenous kids' . . . . why?  If you have ever dealt with 'Child Welfare' directly or via a family member, that will make a lot of sense to you.


Bird 1 

Bird 2


 This short 30 second film was done as a break in the studio where I have been working on owls.  An owl is a night bird, nocturnal in behaviour and temperament.  The European Settlers brought with them their beliefs that owls were witches - more colonization of Indigenous culture.  

Owls are for us Indigenous people, bringers of prophecy, wisdom and helpfulness.  They are also keepers of secrets, as they fly silent and even the deepest secrets surrender themselves to this night witness. They see much of the real world, the imperfections in humans, yet they remain nonjudgmental creatures these - they are part of the face of Creator present.



TEEPEE Paintings are Canvas mounted on wood panel


TP #16



 Owl final


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Moose Label

This is a piece I did in Woodland Style - note on this style and how to 'read' a painting done in woodland style can be read by clicking here.  


 Bruce arrow


To see a World in a Grain of Sand, And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour.William Blake, opening of his poem 'Auguries of Innocence, what an Artists job is . . . . .

 pic 10

Click on pic for name pronounce.

[* SGRAFFITO: The term sgraffito comes from the Italian word  sgraffire  which means (literally) "to scratch." The technique involves scratching through a layer of still-wet paint to reveal what’s underneath, whether this is a dried layer of paint or the white canvas/paper. Any object that will scratch a line into the paint can be used for sgraffito.]

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