I originally made some floorcloths* because we have a small herd of dogs living on tile and wooden floors, and also floorcloths do not collect hair and dust and resist scratches and other 'pet' stain sources, and being sealed canvas is easy to clean (vacumm, damp mop/cloth) unlike carpet and other types of area rugs .  I pre-shrink the canvas in rain water prior to painting so as they retain their size and such.


I am not a 'production house' as I create art as the muse directs, [I may repeat themes, but I don't make exact copies or reproduce pieces explicitly, so one can't order 'X' image at this size] -  but I do some private commissions (see pics below), as folks who collected my other art asked.  If I have some for sale I usually put them up on my other social media sites ( Twitter: @BruceBarryArt, Instagram: brucebarryart, Youtube: brucebarryart ).
*Back in the day, floor cloths were originally made out of used sail cloth for covering dirt or bare wood floors - I make mine with acid-free, cotton duck (2 strings vertical, 1 string horizontal) and pre-seal it with gesso so as your colours stay looking bright and beautiful. I finish the tops with four (4) coats of polycrylic - they are meant to be used on a floor.

Collection of some Floorcloths

feth moose frt

I also paint another image on the back of each Floorcloth - here Eagle Dancers and a bison and such.

feth back

moose detail

moose drawing



All commissions start with a rough sketch.  This is for another Orca floor cloth.  The original idea was that the 3 panel one would look kinda like a film strip BUT that proved only to be recognized in my imagination for the most part - so did the one Red Orca floor cloth (see pic), this one is a longer one that will be done for shipping (surprise), to the west coast


drawing 2

orca pic

Red Orca


DH Frt

DH Bck

Striped Bison