Hector the Hunter

This is a concept sketch of an idea, like all, final creation depends on time, resources and money . . .   I've included the rough sketches, notes and hand written notes to share the process for those interested.  1 pager & note at bottom.  Next steps would be completing the images in colour and then binding them into a booklet.












I do hunt, and support people harvesting wildlife for subsistence, for food.  And if there is predation (preying of one species on another, e.g. cougar killing horses/cows), if bears/cougars cannot be located to somewhere else, then they need to be killed for safety of people more than livestock.  But I think, the stopping of a heart should be done with purpose and context.

Admittedly I am bias, as the majority of my family are BEAR CLAN, it is the largest Ojibwe clan, we should not unjustly kill our relations.  From the time of the sky people, we come from the animals, from wolves, bears and such.

Have I seen people killed by bears? I was a Paramedic before off to law school etc., and not only saw, but also treated kids, men and women killed by bears.  Their bodies attacked and ripped apart with great brutality. Talked with their surviving family. Frankly, one of my take aways from that is I am astounded at the fact that notwithstanding we moved into the animals backyards, people don’t think that we humans are, to animals, merely part of the food chain, just slower and with more fat stores than, say, deer.

I have a friend who is an Outfitter up in the Northwest Terrories where a lot of American's come up for the 'spring bear hunt', and this is how he feeds his family.  Well, he could also likely feed his family by all kinds of malfeasence.  Being an adult is about making decisions and living with the consequences.

Let me say this, I think people who hunt bears in the spring by setting out a 45 gallon drum of meat, and then sit up in a tree waiting for bears to come by ARE PUSSIES.  Can’t think of one reason to hunt bears, other than if they are attacking you or your pets or stock, that is something else.  But stopping a heart merely for sport and not food, is the lot of cowards.  Same with people who put a gps on dogs, and then once the dogs tree a cougar, drive out and shoot a treed cougar.  Lily-livered wimps.


Hector the Hunter One Pager (notes outlining the story)

  1. This is Hector. Hector is a Black Bear
    1. Pic of him as a black bear, likeable, perhaps on a rock looking out over the wild.
  1. To his friends call him ‘Hector the Hunter’
    1. Him sitting in his cave, with the shadow of stuffed heads around him.
    2. Two friends are with him, one rising Hector’s paw in tribute.
  1. He has a Tee Shirt that says ‘Hector the Hunter’
    1. Him with a tee shirt, and a couple black bear friends with Hector drinking beers.
  1. At night Hector goes out and finds where humans are sleeping.
    1. In nose glasses hiding behind a street lamp or head just over a car.
    2. Or looking into a window where they was a kid’s birthday party.
  1. He knows they will be hungry when they wake up, and slow and sleepy.
    1. His shadow over top of a sleeping human, with a child laying next to
  1. If he is hungry, he’ll throw a burning stick in where they sleep. They run out, confused and sleepy, out to where Hector waits . . .
    1. Him with a burning stick in his hand, smoking, looking into the frame with eyebrows up. Looking mean.
  1. When he knows they will soon be waking up, he will set out their favourite food.
    1. Him looking at his wrist watch under his fur, it says Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring, the dial is at Spring.
    2. We see a pizza sitting out on a kitchen table, Hector is sitting up on the counter, perhaps with some type of disguise or camo.
  1. When the human wakes up, they are sleepy and confused. AND hungry, their hunger blinds them to any danger.
    1. Human in boxers walks by Hector and two of his friends painted to look like the cupboards in the kitchen.
  1. Hector waits until the human is fulfilling his hunger . . .and then . . . .
    1. Hector and his two friends on tiptoes like sneaking up on the human.
  1. AND THEN . . .
    1. In capitals, with Hector and his friends standing behind over top of the human, the shadows of all bears is on the table, we see the human looking up into the frame, pc of pizza in his mouth, eyes suddenly BIG and round, full of fear.
  1. Hector Kills
    1. Kevin and friends killing human.
  1. This is Hector the Killer, his friends think he is brave. But Hector is a coward. Don’t be a Hector.
    1. We see Hector again sitting amongst his stuffed heads, all are human, some women and kids too. Right behind a above him is the human with the red hair, but his is stuffed to look mean, teeth showing, arms with perhaps a knife, or axe, or rifle. Hector and his friends playing cards, beer.