Image w namewyatt w vest    

I made time to do this painting on the Bull Riding Vest of WYATT HOWSE.  This 21 year old Champion Bull Rider has been riding for a number of years, placing at 14 years of age in the top.  He is the son of KEVIN HOWSE, a well known Bull Rider who trained Wyatt on a 'barrel' hung in the back yard.  I have painted clothing for film and TV, this is an extension of that.  [Ink Brush, Acrylic, Varnish on Leather]

wy bull WYATT HOWSE RIDING . . .

This is his Dad, KEVIN HOWSE on a Bull back in the day . . . Old School!!

KevinH On Bull

OTHER IMAGE:  This is another image that I did as a suggestion.  These sketches are approved and then I put gesso on the leather, and draw out the image in ink with a brush, and then paint, and things change as it progresses.

 Opt 2

BONUS STORY:  When I was in Japan a few years ago doing some film/art stuff, I was explaining Rodeo to our Japanese host, and he gave me this 'you are bullshitting me look' [in the most polite Japanse fashion], so we went on YouTube and I showed him 'STEER WRESTLING' (yes, they gallop alongside a running steer with horns, and then 'JUMP OFF THEIR HORSE' onto the running steer, and wrestle it to the ground with their bare hands), and BULL RIDING : he said nothing for about two minutes, then turned to me and said "Bruce, those are real live mad Bulls!  Large and most mad!"   So I was happy to make time for Wyatt, if he has the courage to ride bulls, I ought at least have the courage to put unremovable paint and brush to his Kevlar Vest . . . .